Although its still cold outside, spring is just around the corner! Which means its almost summer, Well that’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

We all love to make the most of that sunshine while we have it, so with that in mind I have put together some ideas to make your back garden feel as though its an extension of your home.

A perfect way of extending your dining or living space to the outside is by opening up the space completely. Bi-Fold doors make this a simple task.

There are so many companies that specialise in Bi-fold doors so its a good idea to shop around. The aluminium doors look very effective and I love the industrial crisp look that they give.

I also really like these deluxe oak framed doors, they do give a real feeling of luxury.


Deluxe Oak Bi-fold Doors 3590mm (approx 12ft)


Creative Doors

Now the fun begins, I like the idea of the bi-fold door opening level with the outside paving or decking, a feature that requires careful detailing by your architect to ensure no water ingress. This creates An area that is a continuation of the interior behind you when you step outdoors.

With some nice seating, fairy lights and a fire pit the whole family can enjoy the extended space, or even better you can snuggle up with a glass of wine when you’ve put the kids to bed.

Here are some accessories and table ideas that I loved: